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We quench thirst worldwide 💦

The goal was to make a drink that would be of excellent quality and able to make a real difference in people's lives.

Norr was developed together with scientists, and the result was exactly what was needed - a quenching drink, with a fresh taste and precisely balanced with the necessary salts. The drinks are also gentle on our teeth, as they only contain the sugar found in fruits - fructose. One bottle of Norri vitamin water = 🍏🍏

Norr's drinks are full of vitamins and useful substances that quench thirst and provide a boost to the body. In Estonia, we often lack vitamin D due to the lack of sun, and vitamin C helps best to prevent colds. Therefore, these two best vitamin friends are the main additives in all our drinks.

1-For-1 promise , which means that for every bottle sold, one "hydration salt pack" is donated to those in need, which goes into drinking water and provides the body with necessary minerals in addition to water. In particular, they are given to children, so that the growing body can get the necessary substances. The donation is made through the Save The Children organization.

You Buy One - We Give One! 🤟🏼

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