Collection: NICK'S chocolates

Do you have a sweet tooth and want a snack that does not contain sugar? The best taste and no added sugar, gluten free and palm oil free. Our big favorites are Peanut n' Fudge, Coconut and Chocolate Waffle.

Peanuts n' Fudge is a healthy snack filled with peanuts and fudge and covered in milk chocolate.

Coconut is filled with coconut, which turns the dream into the tropics.

Wafer chocolate consists of crispy cookies with vanilla cream, surrounded by creamy milk chocolate.

It sounds exactly like you want to keep NICKS within your reach at all times. For example, when you urgently need to replenish your energy reserves, or what to treat yourself to at movie nights?

YES?, then add to cart and "Let's get yummy"! 🛒🤤