NICK'S is now available in Latvia

We are so happy to tell you that you can now find NICK'S most popular ice creams in your local Rimi stores or order from Rimi e-store.

NICK'S in Latvia Rimi e-store
Wider range of NICK'S products like chocolates, protein bars and ice creams are available in Bolt Market and Wolt Market. Order now via Bolt & Wolt apps. 📲
  • No added sugar

    With no added sugar? Sweet. Instead, our products are completely maxed out with good taste.

  • No gluten

    Gluten-free and therefore it is also possible for more people to enjoy our goodies, all day every day.

  • No palm oil

    Why do other companies use palm oil when you can instead enjoy the oil from shea and coconut nuts like we do? That's totally nuts.

  • Net carbs

    Because we exclude sugar and other carbohydrates and instead pack our products full of flavor, they are all low in carbohydrates. But who's counting anyway.

Have a Ice day. Everyday. 🍦