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Teele Grouse - One simple thing that changes everything when it comes to nutrition

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To the road Grouse

Journalist and nutritionist.

A nutritionist recommends: One simple thing that makes all the difference when it comes to nutrition

Can you imagine choosing someone who just happened to be your life partner?
to be close at the time or to settle for a car that was simply cheap or to take
against a job offer that just needed a person? We are very picky
carefully and consciously, life partner, the car we drive, the profession that us
interests, the employer and the clothes we want to wear, but one very important aspect
we often leave life to chance.
I used to be the one who discovered at one good moment in the office that my stomach was empty, and only then did I start looking for a solution to this problem. I would most likely settle for any "roast of the day". At the same time, you don't have to be psychic to know that your stomach empties a few times every day. I didn't think about it or plan my meals in any way. If maybe I was thinking about what kind of food I reward myself with at the end of a hard day's work. Weighing more than a hundred kilos, I did not understand why I was overweight. I guess it's in my genes or maybe I have some disease that causes it. One of two, for sure!
I even ended up seeing a nutritionist once, but it was not a pleasant experience.
Of course, because he wanted to change my lifestyle. When the day of the next meeting arrived, I decided to have potato chips instead of my usual lunch right before I left, because they only weighed a hundred grams at the time. And how triumphantly I stepped on the scale at the nutritionist's. I had indeed managed to lose two kilos compared to the previous time, mainly due to lunch and the water I didn't drink. At the same time, by that moment I had already had a dream in my head for almost ten years that I would lose weight this year - no matter if it was for my birthday, Midsummer's Day or Christmas. When a deadline arrived, I smoothly set myself a new deadline. I did remind myself that I had a goal to reach a healthy weight, but I kept forgetting about it
once I ate.

Today, being a nutritionist myself, it seems to me that there is no question
in fact, that we don't know what food is healthy. Broadly speaking, we all know what is rather healthy and what is not. The question is rather, why don't we eat like this? I believe it all starts with taking responsibility. Things started to change in my life only when I realized that I had to choose between two paths - either to continue making the same promise and to deceive myself for the rest of my life, considering the fact that the extra kilos are always added and the clothes that hide my body as well, or take it for real responsibility for your food and well-being.
In this day and age, it is easier than ever to take responsibility, because, for example, some foods that used to be classified as sweets are now healthy instead. For example, like interludes, which can be found on the njom.ee page.

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