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Liisa Kull - The Life of a Passionate Athlete

Lisa Kull

Triathlete, personal trainer

Hey-hey sports lovers!

Sports and exercise are my passion! I have been active all my life and practiced various sports. The last 10 years I have stuck to the triathlon. Swimming, cycling and running - these 3 areas offer enough variety to prevent boredom. I have made a "come back" in the triathlon landscape, where I took 2nd place among women in the 2021 Ironman Tallinn half-long triathlon distance and was the 1st Estonian woman. I am also a personal trainer and I advise beginners and advanced triathletes who want to start their triathlon journey or improve their previous results.

I love movement and long, pleasant workouts, both alone and with a group. Long workouts also mean that it is necessary to strengthen the body in between. I have tried different shots, both fast and less fast. Since I still want to maintain good shape, it is not reasonable to allow myself "something good" in every workout. At the same time, it is necessary to charge the body with energy. I have discovered various Nick's bars for myself, which taste great and also give that "I want something good" feeling, but all without guilt. Bars fill energy reserves ( protein waffle bar ) and give a nice kick to continue training. In addition to a longer workout, I also eat a few bites right away, unless you prefer salt, then I reach for the quick and tasty Peanuts fudge , since nuts have a longer digestion time, so it is more suitable to eat after a workout.

In addition to training nutrition, it is also wise to critically review your daily nutrition plan and set the main meals and snacks. The latter precisely to prevent greater hunger. However, unfortunately, many people are unable, unable or unwilling to plan their diet and, for example, do too much thinking in advance when it comes to planning meals. Unfortunately, this often results in wrong food choices. I myself spend a lot of time in my home office, but even when I'm so-called comfortably at home, there are moments when I don't feel like it or don't have time to "cook" something properly, but I need to put something between my skin before a workout or just as a snack. There are many alternatives: smoothies, quick butters, fruits, fast food.

I myself try to make informed choices, of course I'm not a miracle person, so I definitely indulge in food. Often it turns out to be sweet to indulge!

To reduce my sweet tooth, I have definitely found the best solution for myself in the form of Nick's bars. In addition, when consuming coffee in the home office, I have replaced the brown sugar with Nick's stevia drops , which give the coffee a new "touch" in the form of different flavors. A really good find and can also be used in pancakes!

As an example, I will also point out where and how I have placed Nick's products in my diet plan during my normal working day:

In the morning, I exercise on an empty stomach.

Breakfast omelette + coffee with stevia drops

Snack Nick's chocolate bar

Afternoon exercise or active movement

Late lunch ala chicken and vegetables (+ cottage cheese)

Evening "cheat meal" Nick's bar and coffee with Stevia drops.

I have tried most of the Nick's bars and stevia drops and I can honestly say that they have helped me stay in shape and make my life a lot easier. I recommend trying Nick's between boring sports bars.

I have also made my trainees an introductory tasting trip to Nick's bars, where we have tried most of the flavors. At the triathlon camp, over 100 bars were tried in 2 weeks, and we were confirmed that Nick's bars are suitable for everyone. It's especially nice to make a small stop at a coffee shop during a long cycling workout - coffee and a protein bar are a divine combination!

Yum! Light form and a thorn in the butt! See you in training.

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