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Karmen Mikiver - Life with Diabetes

Karmen Mikiver

Influencer, exercise lover and smart nutritionist.

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease of which there are 2 types - type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November 2015. When I got the diagnosis, my life changed drastically - injecting myself, or administering insulin, and measuring blood sugar have become a daily activity. I would actually consider the story of getting the diagnosis a "happy accident" because it happened so-called by accident - I went to the family doctor for a health check-up as usual for my 11-year-old self, but it turned out that my blood sugar was very high and I was sent straight to the hospital where I was admitted a little over a week and I got acquainted with such a disease as diabetes for the first time.

By now, this is my everyday life and normal - I'm used to it all and it's a part of me. I have always been sporty and active, but after receiving the diagnosis, I realized how important a healthy and active lifestyle really is. Sports and a healthy lifestyle have helped me to keep my disease stable and under control. I have been a competitive athlete as well as a group trainer, but at the moment I have found the most optimal option for me, which is strength training. In addition to sports, nutrition is part of a healthy lifestyle, and food is actually the most important thing for diabetics. On a daily basis, we either calculate carbohydrates ourselves or read them on the package and administer insulin accordingly.

I first encountered Nicks products a long time ago - I found bars in the store with absolutely no gluten, wheat or added sugars in them, which meant that I didn't even have to inject myself to grab a sweet bar on the go. Many may not know, however, that wheat flour is stored in the human body as ordinary sugar, and it can very insidiously raise blood sugar levels.

Others simply cannot imagine what the mere thought of eating something sweet means to a diabetic, and knowing that made this bar even sweeter. Nick's fits perfectly with my lifestyle today - healthy and less carbohydrates than regular chocolate bars, which is perfect for me as a diabetic. I prefer to grab something immediately after training so that my blood sugar does not drop suddenly, and the products of the Nicks protein series are my favorites - enough carbohydrates so that the blood sugar remains stable, but at the same time, enough carbohydrates so that the blood sugar does not go high, i.e. just enough of everything to not thinking about insulin. I can't really imagine making cakes and breakfast porridge without Nick's natural sugar substitutes . Sometimes I catch myself thinking that really "healthy" people don't know what regular sugar does to them in the long run. How most people don't think that their health and well-being can also become even better by making better choices.. I love that I can live more and more of a normal young life - thanks to Nick's, I can now enjoy my favorite movie with ice cream in peace of mind without having to feeling guilty or worrying too much about blood sugar. All this adds joy and freedom to my everyday life.

Unfortunately, diabetes is an increasingly topical disease, so I believe that talking about it could be more topical and people should be more aware of it. Through this, I believe that there would be even more diabetics who would also dare to share their journey, feel supported by others and inspire others through it.

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