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Gerda Karman - Personal trainer

Doing sports has been in my blood all my life, and to be honest, I don't remember a period when I was away from sports for a long time - even if it's a harder and faster phase of my life, I always find time for myself to keep my mind and health fresh.

I've been working as a personal trainer for half a year now and it's one of the best moves I've made in my life. I put off studying personal training for a long time because I found excuses in my head not to do it. At one point, however, I realized that these are only fears in my own head that I have to face, and so I applied for FAF Estonia's personal trainer training. It cannot be denied that the study period was very difficult for me - I did it alongside my main job and so many times I thought that I couldn't take it anymore and wanted to give up. Thank God I didn't!

Looking back, it was one of the most educational experiences, and here you can also draw a parallel with training. Even if some moments are very, very difficult and you just want to throw up, it is important to keep trying, because through this we grow, develop and become stronger. What I often tell my clients and see on my own is that we are actually capable of more than we think we are.

In coaching, my great desire is to help people achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Of course, also to support, motivate and be there for the customer. Because other activities and responsibilities often jump in during everyday life, it is so easy to leave yourself behind. The advantage of personal training is that it is a mutual agreement between the client and the trainer, and it is harder to let the other party down than to let yourself down. If you already show up, that's half the battle! In general, we always leave the training with a good mood and a positive energy charge, because we have invested in our health.

That's why I also love sports, because the emotion that exercise gives is indescribable. Even a bad day is not behind you, exercise is a place to unload yourself, leave everyday worries and chores behind for a moment and just focus on yourself. Exercise is more than just the pursuit of physical fitness. For me, the spiritual side is equally important, which makes us push forward in life and not give up at every difficulty.

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